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A take on TikTok stars

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

by Lukas Velasco

What is occurring in pop culture nowadays? Well to start off that indie music has skyrocketed in popularity, mainly caused by the rise of an app called tiktok. Artists such as Clairo, Mxmtoon, and Tame Impala are some of the artists that have grown in popularity, especially when their songs show up on Tiktok. The rapper Arizona Zervas, was completely irrelevant until the release of his latest song “ROXANNE”. Ever since the song blew up on tiktok, it became number one on spotify and kept growing in popularity.

If you didn’t know, Tiktok is an app mainly used by Gen Z people, the app was formally Tiktok was made around the end of 2018, ever since then it has made an impact on nowadays pop culture. A brand of boys where born, they are known as the E-boys, they are somewhat like the evolved version of punks and Goths, but no labeled as fashionable and iconic, during this time period Freddie Dredd and other alternative music became popular. Later into early 2019 a new breed of Tiktok boys were born, they are known as softboys, in this era of Tiktok, softer music became what was on most people's playlists, artists such as Cavetown, Clairo, Mxmtoon, and Big Sales have been added on the majority of people’s playlists. This is where things were going south, the Vsco Girls intruded the Tiktok community and took over as a tyranny. Their infamous “sksks” and “and I oops”, and don’t forget their hydro flasks and scrunchies.


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