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Creative Sharks Feature: Caleb Gardner

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Caleb Gardner is a 6th grader at VIDA. He's 11 years old and attended South O Elementary in Oceanside. He loves to draw and says he started doing it not that long ago. He started out using regular pencils and Crayola markers but now uses Graphgear 500 pencils and Copic markers. He says, "My dad taught me to draw, but he doesn’t draw as much as I do, other than drawing I like to skateboard snowboard, surf and play video games."

Caleb says, "I like to draw a lot of anime characters and also just a lot of cartoon characters. When I was little I would draw the Batman symbols when I was maybe around 5." He says his favorite animated shows right now are Naruto, The Simpsons and Attack on Titan. When he was younger he would watch all of the original Mickey Mouse cartoons. Check out some of Caleb's drawings below.


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