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Baby Yoda?

By Annie Bader

Why did a little green alien have everyone and their mother talking about him? Because he’s adorable! Baby Yoda first appears in the show The Mandalorian based off of Star Wars. While melting over this cute little alien, people tend to look past the fact he’s 50 years old. Although.. Baby Yoda sure does have the curiosity and looks of an infant. Countless memes and funny videos have been made of the little space creature, and someone even made a song about him. After interviewing student Morgan Fisher she said, “Baby yoda is probably my favorite meme in 2019, I don’t know why, but he’s just so cute! I didn’t watch the show that he was in but Baby Yoda probably added a lot more watchers to it.” Ending off the decade with Baby Yoda.. it's actually very fitting. May the force continue on in 2020!


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