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CSI Design Lab! By : Kayla McArthur

In CSI we work on many different things that are required in Crime Scene Investigation. We work on analyzing fingerprints, dissection specimens, determine the time of death, and more. Right now we are talking about sketching a crime scene. There will be a small crime scene set up in the back room of room 508.  for us to sketch and analyze. Scarlett Sullivan is in CSI and she says, “In CSI we get to dissect stuff, and it’s really fun!” This year CSI will get to dissect a fetal pig. Some other things we will get to do is learn how to

find bite mark evidence, lip print evidence, shoe print evidence, and even more. CSI is super fun and educational. Mrs Boian is an amazing teacher. She teaches Medical detectives (6th grade), CSI year 1 (7th grade), CSI year 2 (8th grade).


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