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Grain Creation DL

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

By Rylee Obrien

Mr. Ruiz runs a design lab called Grain Creations. His students come in and get straight to work everyday. Their first project was to build a wooden toy car and have just finished building their second project, a bird houses. His class is now building skateboards. Juliet Clemens is one of the students in Grain Creations. Her favorite project she’s made was her toy car. Before she began to build her birdhouse she used a website called Sketchup. The class uses Sketchup to design their birdhouses or other designs. The project that’s taken the longest for Juliet was the bird house. It takes a lot of careful planning and the cuts must be perfect or the birdhouse will be lopsided. It’s one of her favorite classes because it’s fun to work with wood and a good opportunity to talk with friends and still get work done. Juliet would highly recommend this class to everyone.


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