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Inside NASA Exploration By: Liliana Flowers

NASA Space Exploration is a design lab taught by Mr. Strohauer here at VIDA. You can find his design lab in room 505 during 6th period.

Kids chose their interests in space, and everyone got put into a group. In these groups they researched their topic. The topics were things such as supernovas, our solar system, beyond our galaxy, how a space shuttle works, and more. We begin to research our topic and make a presentation to give to the class about it. Not only do we have to make a presentation, the group also has to make a model to complete the project. The models can be scale models, Minecraft build, 3D print, digital model, paper drawing, or a clay model. As a little extra for the presentation kids can make a Kahoot! to see if their peers learned anything from the groups presentation. Once you finish presenting, you get to get feedback from your presentation and watch other group’s presentations.

“I joined NASA Space Exploration because when I grow up, I plan to become an astronomer.” - Emily Fourneau, 7

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07 feb 2020

nasa is coolllllllll

Me gusta
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