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My Days By : Camila Gonzalez

These weeks have been such an experience, good and bad. During these times I enjoy most of my days gardening and planting all type of plants. Gardening for me brings such joy. It's fun to take care of something that is not your self. One of my favorite plants  would have to be my roses because of the memories behind it. On the weekends we have family game night. It is really fun getting to compete against each other. The game we all enjoy is Roboto. It’s such a time consuming game with a bunch of twist and turns.  It's nice to get to spend time with family more. On a regular day I walk my dogs to get out of my house and observe nature and take pictures of my surroundings. It is also fun to get exercise and leave the house but of course I keep my distance. I soon hope everything goes back but I know that's going to take a while and when that comes never forget the memories that you made during this time.


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