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NASA Design Lab!

Mr. Strohaugher's NASA Space Exploration design lab is all about space. The students in the design lab learn about space travel, what it's like on different planets and how space works. Recently they have been learning about Mars and how NASA is coming along trying to get there. They researched Mars’s environment to determine what you would need to survive and thrive on Mars. They used that information to formulate innovative ideas on inventions and solutions that could allow people to live on Mars. Once they had their ideas they set to work on creating a 3D model of their Mars colony. Later when they had finished they completed the final step, writing an elevator pitch to explain their colony to their peers. Once their project was complete they watched The Martian to get a better understanding of how people could live on Mars. When I asked Cassidy McLeod what her favorite thing about her design lab was she said that, “We get to build things and learn about space.” The next thing the students of Mr. Strohaugher's NASA Space Exploration design lab will be doing is sending a weather balloon up into near space!


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