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Sculpting with Coils By: Shelby Philips

In the sculpture design lab, taught by Ms. Palmer, students have been learning how to make coil pots, which is a technique used to make pottery.

One student, Tegan Bonham (12), made a really cool mug, as seen in the picture below. "This is a coil pot - well, mug - that I made my dad for his birthday," she says. As you can see, a coil pot is made by making coils, then stacking them on top to make a hollow shape. In this case, it was a mug. There are many different designs that students could try, they were not limited to just a mug, or a pot. The only criteria is that they had to make it out of coils.

This design lab is a lot of fun, and I recommend it to anyone who loves art and a chill environment!


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