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Shark's Varsity Volleyball End Season Undefeated

by Hannah Daliot

Our VIDA volleyball team was undefeated this season! They beat Madison, VMMS, Potter, Valley, Aviara Oaks, and other competitive teams, with their powerful hitters, Charlee Elena, Ilima Haupu, Jesaria Conley-Hudson, and more! Some people say that volleyball is an easy sport, but the people who play think differently. This sport requires endurance, speed, and strength. There are six people on a court at a time, front row being outside hitter, middle, and opposite. All of front row except the setter hit the ball over and down. Back row is all the opposites of those people, so setter, libero or DS, and outside hitter two. They play defense before offense and pass the ball to the designated setter. The setter pushes the ball out fast and the hitter contacts it at their highest reach and swings down, while snapping their wrists. That will give the ball enough momentum to spin straight down without the other team passing it around. The rules are that there can be three touches per side before it goes over. Volleyball is an all contact sports, but obviously with the ball, you can use feet or your head, or just pass on your forearm. Teams like Sage Creek, and San Marcos have great volleyball reputations. If you want to learn more about volleyball come watch the Sharks play in the fall.


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