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Sofia Deju's Life Since Quarantine By : Caitlyn Burns

Sofia Deju is an 8th grade student at VIDA. She has been attending school virtually all year. One thing she

likes about virtual school is that she has more control over her schedule. Although, she does not like the fact that she is stuck at her house the entire school day instead of moving between classrooms as she normally would. A new hobby Sofia has developed during quarantine is writing poetry. Something she misses about going to school is seeing her friends and teachers. On the other hand, something she doesn't miss is having to rush across campus in order to make it to her next class on time. She hopes that things will return to some sort of normal before the next school year so she can attend high school in person. Sofia said, “When COVID is over I want to see my friends, hang out with them, and I want to take a road trip with my family.” Hopefully, she will be able to do that soon.


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