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Tania's Journey in Karate By : Andrea Mercado

Tania Chavez is a 7th grader at Vida. She's been doing Karate since she was 9 years old! She enjoys Karate, it's her passion. She goes to ¨Karate Kids in America¨ for her lessons. Tania´s mom put her in Karate because she was getting bullied by some disrespectful kids. ¨I was getting bullied, so my mom forced me to do Karate to learn self defense.¨ said Tania. She learned lots of self defence in 3 years and is not scared of no one. She did sparring once with a kid and won! At first, Tania did not like Karate, she had no interest in the sport, and found it boring. When Covid hit, she was spending more time in Karate, and started to like it, she loves it now! ¨Karate lets out my feelings and emotions.¨ admitted Tania. The order of the belts in her Karate go by Okinawa order. Pink for the girls and Camel for the boys, those two colors are the lowest. Yellow, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Brown, Black and Red being the highest. Tania is very passionate about Karate, she enjoys it, Karate is her happiness, and she is very talented in Karate.


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