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TMLMTBGB - 30 plays in 60 minutes

By: Gwenyth Buckner, Shelly Philipp, and Cameron Philipp

TML (Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind) is a performance made by Mrs. Alyssa’s drama classes where they have to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. Plays are made to either have a message or just to be funny. The plays are written by the students. There are usually ten plays that were kept from past years, but the rest are written in class. One play, called Peanut Butter, is like an orientation into drama. All the new kids to drama are cast into peanut butter. There is also a play called Deja Vu where the alumni of drama have to perform the last play that was performed. Another special play is the 8th Grade play, where ALL of the 8th graders have to write and perform a play at the show. If the students complete the 30 plays in less than 60 minutes, the teachers have to do a punishment. But if they don’t, then the students have to do the punishment.


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