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Trending at VIDA: Pajama Comfort!

by Kayla MacArthur

Lately, wearing your pajama pants to school has been trending. Today I am going to tell you why. Wearing your pajama pants to school can be comfortable, simple, and no effort. Although it seems like a good idea, it can come with some consequences. For instance, the pants can become very hot when it is sunny out. Although this may not sound like a big deal, being too hot can cause a heat stroke. Another reason that wearing these pants can become an inconvenience is because they can get dirty easily. When you are wearing those soft or flannel materials, multiple substances can get stuck to your pants easily. Although wearing them to school can be bad, they are also a very good choice. If you wear your pajama pants to school not only will you be comfy all day, but you won’t be focused on your appearance during class. Another reason wearing your pajamas to school is a good choice is because you will be trending. Lastly, wearing your pajamas to school is good because it shows your peers how much self-confidence you can have in yourself. Wearing your pajamas to school has been trending over a couple of weeks! You should join too to become more comfortable, it shows self confidence, and it’s fun!


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