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VIDA Trends & News

By Rylee Obrien

The Winter Formal is coming up for the 8th graders. Some students are asking their crush to go with them but others will go with friend groups. Every year there's an 8th grade King and Queen who receive crowns and a sash. 8th grade students vote who is the best couple to win. Cameron Bohl says “Everyone is super excited for the formal.” All her 8th grade friends from last year had such a great time she's been waiting for almost a year to go.

Field hockey and basketball are the two sports teams at VIDA currently. Field hockey practices are Monday-Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00. The VIDA field hockey team has been undefeated in every game for the past three years. Lots of new students are hoping to improve their skills and keep the record going. Basketball practices are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:30 to 5:00. They like going down to 7-Eleven for snacks to fuel up before practice.

Students at VIDA are excited about Christmas. Time at home and gifts under the tree are something they've been looking forward to for months. Aiden Passmore wants clothes because he is running out of shirts. Kaden Buckhouse and Michael Toscano both want a PS4 VR because it's like being in a different world with different things to do. Shelby Philipp wants a PC because she wants to be able to have her own personal PC so she can make animations and to do things you can't do on a normal Chromebook. Expect to see a lot of new technology in January like updated phones, airpods, and gaming.

The time right before Christmas break is a favorite time to wear "Ugly Christmas Sweaters". Students and teachers get in on this fun this whole week.


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