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Adam Diaz Nurtures a Love for Plants

I had the joy of interviewing 8th grade student Adam Diaz about his interest and love of plants. Here's what he wrote in response to my questions.


I like how diverse my plants are. I like how every type of plant is unique and interesting in its own way. I also like that plants suck CO2 out of the air and produce fresh air, I think that is really cool. I like my air plants because they hang from a tree next to a sprinkler, and they just grow by taking in nutrients from the air. I also like succulents because they are SO diverse and very easy to care for.

Two main things got me started with plants, a potted Calla Lily plant from my Dad, and also my Uncle. My Uncle LOVES plants and introduced me to air plants and how to care for them. I was also intrigued by succulents. I then learned that I can make more succulent plants by cutting them up and replanting them. From youtube, I was inspired to create succulent arrangements.

It has in many ways this has gone beyond a hobby. It has gotten me to love being outdoors. I have become more interested in nature and doing what I can to preserve trees and plants. I think it has also helped me with public speaking. In 5th grade I instructed about 60 students on how to plant succulents. My teacher knew that I was very good with plants. I was very doubtful about helping, but I said yes. Then the day arrived. The first group of kids came and I started helping them and they picked up on it fast. Then before I knew it I was done. Everything went well and only a few kids had to redo their plants.

I think it has also made me more brave about speaking out against what I think is wrong and absurd. Recently, a neighbour threw away some perfectly healthy agave plants. I asked them if I could take the plants and they said that would be okay. So, after dark, I dug around in their trash bin until I rescued as many agaves as I could to re-plant.

Every time I get a plant I get very attached to it, and it becomes family, because plants are living things. I am sure some of my bigger plants might be worth a lot of money, but I prefer just to see them continue to grow. One day, I would like to try working in a plant nursery to learn more about how a nursery business works and to learn more about growing plants so I can expand my interest in plants.

Click through the pictures below to see some of Adam's plants at his home.


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