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Emery Folsom's Life Since Quarantine By : Kinsey Folsom

Emery Folsom is 15 years old. She has been quarantined at home for seven months just like the rest of us. She was very fortunate to not be affected as some other people these past months. Even though she is fortunate, her life was still turned upside down. She went from seeing all her friends everyday to none of them in less than 24 hours. What they all thought would be a nice two week addition to their spring break ended up being a seven month quarantine. When I spoke to her she told me about how she chose distance learning for this whole semester.

“While it’s not fun to stay at home all day and only be with my family, I think distance learning is good because, especially since I’m in high school, it gives me some consistency. If I went back to school I would be scared of people coughing on me as a joke or someone actually getting Coronavirus.”

She also told me, “Even though there are some pros to distance learning, I learn better when someone is there to show me how to do something.”

When I asked her what she would do if everything opened up she said

“Well that’s a bad question. If everything opened up, there would be lots of problems and the existing problems would only get worse. A better question would be what would you do if Coronavirus disappeared. But if that happened, I wouldn’t even know what to do.”  

Emery has been affected but she is adjusting to her new life. She has come to terms of how to live in a pandemic, and she is thankful for all that she still has.


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