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Lealand and Lilian Camacho

Lealand Camacho

I wish I could go back to school and see all my friends and not do online school because it's kind of complicated. I thought my quarantine break would be all video games and messing around. Well I was wrong! I have been doing at least 6 hours of school work everyday at my desk and my hands are so dry from all the hand sanitizer and washing them. Luckily my mom hit the jackpot the other day on hand sanitizers, so we are golden. The only thing we could do outside was go hiking, but of course they closed the trails yesterday. It has been so cold and rainy, that my cats started sharing a bed for warmth. I have been taking care of my aunt’s ducks. They love playing in the water and rain. They swim in our big pool and they love their little kitty pool. I wish things could go back to normal again because this predicament is not fun.

Lilian Camacho

It feels like I've been stuck at home forever! At school, all I want to do is go home, but not this long!!!!  This whole time I just wanted to lay in bed and watch Netflix, but from the start of this whole thing my mom forced me to do as much as I could outside. As we've seen this issue get worse, it meant the more and more I needed to stay inside. I am spending time with my pets and family. The sad part is I don't get to spend time with my friends, even though we Facetime, it is not the same. Before everything shut down I would ride my mountain bike at Calavera Hills with my brother and his friend. I have been playing more games, puzzles, and doing more workouts with my family. I hope after corona virus is over, we are still able to do things like this more often. I'm pretty sure my family will be sick of each other by the end though.


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