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Loving the Outdoors By : Alexandra Cervantez

I thought quarantine wasn’t going to be that bad before we left school for spring break. It started to really hit me that COVID-19 was serious when all of our events got cancelled. For example, the dance production got cancelled, which we spent a lot of time rehearsing for. I was also nervous that we were going to start online school and that it would be really confusing.

Now that I am in quarantine, I really miss my friends and have to do online school. I’m really sad that I don’t get to go to the fun places I used to go before, like Disneyland. I have some things in quarantine that are keeping me occupied, like playing with my dog, spending time outside, and doing tricks on my trampoline. Although I do miss seeing my friends at school and being able to go to fun events, I’m getting used to being in quarantine. 


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