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Mr. Srohauer Loves Space!

by Tyler Lee

What do you like about teaching math? “I've always enjoyed math, math is everywhere. It's a good skill to learn, it's in the real world, it's in symmetry and art and its hidden beneath so many other things in our lives and I love teaching it.” What do you like about teaching? “ I enjoy teaching because I can invest so much time into students lives and I want to teach students that have so much potential. I want to encourage students to go after their dreams and do what they want to do. It's a fun culture to be in, and it's awesome to get to know so many people. I get to not only get to know my colleagues but also my students as well.” What do you like about VIDA? “At VIDA teachers can be creative, students can be creative, it's a fun environment, its innovative, and students can be successful in the real world. It's also not just about getting good grades or preparing for high school but its about taking advantage of the skills and talent that every student has here.”


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