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Staffulty Feature: Mrs. Bland

Interview by Keira Selinas

Mrs. Bland is a middle school teacher at VIDA middle school. She first arrived at VIDA in 2019 and continues to grow throughout these couple of years she’s been at the middle school. Mrs. Bland says, “VIDA opened my eyes to non-traditional learning and that led me to my curiosity.” She hopes to have a class where students learn how to create an art business and by doing that they would make their own art pieces and sell them. What inspires her is being around adolescents who discover their capabilities and what they can do in their future. Outside of school she started training jiu-jitsu and for that to happen she had to get out of her comfort zone. Jiu-jitsu is a combat sport where you have to be mentally and physically strong. Mrs. Bland learned how to have more confidence where it disciplines feelings of empowerment. Mrs. Bland said, “Your potential is endless.”


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