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Shelby Philipp's Life Since Quarantine By: Cameron Philipp

The person that I took photos of was my sister Shelby. “Covid has changed

my life because we have to stay inside with no social interaction. Everyone is sad and we can’t be with friends," she says. Her favorite thing to do during quarantine is get rest and sleep. She loves to interact socially with her family members playing games and just doing whatever comes to her mind. Shelby does not like distance learning because she doesn’t get to interact with the teachers and other students. She also says that the breakout rooms are really awkward because nobody turns on their cameras or microphones and she has to be the first person to talk. Things she likes to do to keep busy are reading books, practicing piano songs, and playing games with friends and family. She wants school to open up tomorrow but it depends on how early she has to wake up. Over quarantine she realized that she really liked playing Overwatch. She didn’t play Overwatch before quarantine and she likes how it is team based and how she can interact with friends that we haven’t seen in a long time.


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