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Simple Life By: Isabella Acevedo

At the beginning of all of this I was extremely excited to stay home. I was fine for three weeks and thought I was going to enjoy it. While I still do very much enjoy it this whole quarantine, I’m finding it hard not being able to see my friends. My siblings are the ones who are keeping me sane yet driving me crazy. I spend my days watching over my sibling Julianna and Manny they LOVE LOVE watching movies on Disney plus. Recently we've been watching the movie Coco back to back. The kids told me that they love the movie because of the color and life it has. Which I thought was funny because this movie is about your dead relatives. My oldest sister Alondra said that she doesn't really know if she likes it or if she's annoyed by it. Besides watching movies we all have been trying to stay active. The kids love to ride their bikes around our backyard area and I love to lay out in the sun and paint. I really miss being able to see my friends like I said and didn't think that it would be this hard not seeing them. They have become my family and going weeks without seeing them has been leaving me sad. Not being able to see their faces and joke around with them is hard but, I know that we are doing this for the importance of all of the people around the world.


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